Online Career Mentoring Festival

Committed to providing career guidance to marginalised youth

At The Mentoring Lab we are committed to focusing our energies on the young people who for whatever reason don't have access to 'good' quality career guidance or information about the amazing jobs and careers that will exist in our glorious world.

We have been funded by The National Lottery to deliver an innovative project where young people get to participate in mini-projects run by industry professionals which on completion they receive 5 months of 1:1 and group career mentoring.


Helping young people realise their value

The Online Career Mentoring Festival is a celebration of professional careers that young people from marginalised backgrounds should know about and feel confident in entering.

Working with the subsection of our society who are often left without quality career guidance, the aim of the festival is to inspire young people who 'should' be seen as assets by our British Industries. Industries are missing out on the amazing grit, resourcefulness and problem-solving abilities of our youth and young people think 'those jobs or careers' are not for them.

Many of the young people mentioned are from black and marginalised backgrounds, with diagnosed or undiagnosed learning needs, who deserve to experience their learning and communication style as a gift and not a hindrance when entering careers across British industries.  


Informing adults

At the same time, we also hope to encourage parents, schools, and employers to empower all young people in their network to achieve their career goals, regardless of what the traditional way of thinking about learning needs is.


What's taking place 

Our online career mentoring fest gives young people a chance to take part in;

Online Career Speed Mentoring Event: 

Emile Heskey and Deputy Mayor of Hackney were our main guests at last year's online career speed mentoring event called Share The Love. Take a look at all the professionals that also took part and preview what happens at Share The Love via this short YouTube video below.



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Supporting companies and professionals

We can confirm the companies and professionals supporting this year's online career mentoring festival are:


A safe space to reflect

Young people are offered a safe space to reflect on their current situation, their skills, explore opportunities available to them and areas for development. 

In 1:1 or small group career mentoring sessions, young people will design a career pathway that suits their values and ambitions. They will learn how to plan strategically and take lots of SMART action now.

At the end of the mentoring relationship, young people will be more confident, have a fantastic CV, cover letter, and industry knowledge to help them launch and accelerate their careers.

Career Mentoring is framed and supported by our Mentoring Tool Kit.


Target Audience: Young people aged: 14 - 25 years old from black, Asian, Minority Ethnic backgrounds. Living in: North, East and South East London. 

Register Interest:  Before 10th February 2022 (Register HERE)

Festival kicks off: 13th February 2022

The Festival ends in July 2022!


How to take part

To take part register a young person's interest HERE


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Free 15 - 25 year old creatives programme

Following the bitter impact of the pandemic on older young people, at The Mentoring Lab we are committed to ensuring our services and programmes reach those aged 14-25 years old who need more safe spaces where they can develop and enhance their resilience 'tool kit'. Our founder and directors, know how hard it is to 'figure out' who you are and how you fit into British society, especially when it comes to getting a job and securing a 'good' career. But they did it! Take a look at our founder's via our about the team page.

To enable older young people to better navigate the systemic and cultural barriers they are and will face, we are delighted to announce that we are being funded by London Youth to deliver their Young Creators Development Programme, a four-month programme starting in January 2022.

Due to leaving KS3 and secondary education, young people aged 15 - 25 years old are at the stage in their life they are less likely to engage in the arts and be creative. Using the arts and creativity to manage emotions, explore self and career opportunities is vital for many young people, thus we will use the fund to enable our beneficiaries to reflect, reframe, explore and develop their creativity in a safe space, fit for their age.

The Young Creators programme will also allow for the conversations to focus on transferable skills, qualities and experiences that help with entering jobs and building careers.

This programme will also coincide with a project we have recently been funded for by the BME Health Forum called the 'Mentoring Lunch Club' aimed to provide a safe reflective and creative space that addresses health inequalities young people from marginalised communities experience.

More information will be available soon. The young adults Young Creators Development Programme and Mentoring Lunch Club start in January 2022.

To register a young person click here.