Youth Leaders Club

Each week young people are invited to join our YouThinkFWD project to support The Mentoring Lab in improving what we do. From helping us develop amazing youth engagement projects, creating content for our up-and-coming TikTok channel, making our resources easy to use, or sharing your ideas on what we should be doing in 2-5 years' time.


YouThinkFWD is youth-led and gives young people a voice and sense of belonging, whilst developing their skills.


Take part in one of the following

By taking part, you will get free training, certifications, and work-related experiences that will look great on a cv.


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Too Much Leverage Game Show:
Music Making Session:
Key Details

Frequency: Weekly, Saturdays
Time: 11am-3.30pm
Location: Unit 204, Bradbury Works, 3a-10 Bradbury Street, Gillet Square, Dalston, Hackney, N16 8JN
Ages: 13-25 years old
Level: Beginner-Advanced

Cost: Free

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