About Our Mentoring

Supported by our Mentoring Tool Kit our mentors are equipped with the best mentoring resources in the industry.
Our mentoring model enables our expert youth mentors to have more than just 'conversations' with young people. 
Solution Focused Mentoring

Guided by our Mentoring Tool Kit, our mentoring model empowers young people to find solutions that will help them to overcome barriers that may be having a negative impact on their life.
Structured Mentoring

Embedded with corporate style mentoring and coaching techniques, our expert youth mentors follow our structured mentoring framework to ensure quality and long lasting impact.
Safe Mentoring

We create safe spaces where young people can, reflect on their current situation, explore solutions and or opportunities and develop the qualities and skills required to succeed. 

About Our Mentoring Tool Kit

Our mentoring tool kit is a handbook with over 48 pages of mentoring and coaching activities that support young people in learning more about themselves, their situation and their preferred future. 

'Rarely have I seen an organisation with this quality of mentoring model. I think The Mentoring Lab’s model has a lot to offer the sector'.

Feedback provided by Vicky Torrance 
 (JNC qualified youth worker with over 23 years post qualification experience within the sector)

One to One Mentoring

Music based

Art based

Progression Mentoring


Group Mentoring

Volunteer Youth Leaders 

Using leadership and project management skills mentees will collaborate with peers to support the development of The Mentoring Lab, learn how to be a peer mentoring and develop the skills to help other young people overcome barriers to their progression.

Peer Mentoring

Young mentees are guided by peer mentor who goes through our Mentoring Tool Kit, that's packed with reflective activities that aims to support young people's progressing at school and personal life. With a focus on developing qualities, confidence, focus and natural talents.

Career Mentoring

Supporting young people in preparing themselves for careers, our career mentoring programme is called Launch Your Career. Young people learn how to assess, explore and develop the knowledge, skills and insights needed to secure their future and a sustainable career after they leave school.
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