Mentoring Service options

We provide one to one mentoring and group mentoring that gives young people a safe space to reflect, explore and develop
We offer a range of one to one group mentoring services, for young people aged from 10 to 25 years old.
Solution Focused Mentoring
Our mentoring model focuses on resolving issues and barriers that may have a negative impact on a young person's life.
Structure Mentoring
Founded on mentoring and coaching techniques, our expert youth mentors follow our structured mentoring framework designed by our Founder CEO
Providing a safe space
Guided by our Mentoring Tool Kit, each expert youth mentor empowers and enables young people by providing a safe space where they can *
* Reflect on their current situation
* Explore solutions and opportunities available to them
* Develop the characteristics, qualities and skills to succeed.

One to One Mentoring

Tutoring & Mentoring



Progression Mentoring


Group Mentoring

Youth Leaders Club

Using leadership and project management skills mentees will collaborate with peers to will design and plan a game that aims to help other young people overcome barriers to their progression.

The Genius Society

The Genius Society was developed by young people with high IQ. It is a safe space where each member can socialise, share information, reflect, explore and safely develop their EQ (emotional intelligence).

Chess Coaching

Using chess as a tool to develop strategic and solution-focused thinking, Chess Coach Richard Weekes takes young people on a chess journey. Players will learn the basic rules of chess, how to attack, defend and develop their ‘checkmate’ techniques.
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