Preventative School Exclusions with Mentoring



In this three-day training, trainees will explore how correctly deliver and impact mentoring that is fit for purpose, for young people of colour at risk of school exclusion.


‘A comprehensive and thoroughly inspiring day of training that is uniquely geared at meeting the needs of young people in the UK’

Kelley Fields (Psychotherapist student)



This workshop explores and develops trainees understanding of;

  • The impact of school exclusions on Black and Brown youth
  • Importance of culturally responsive mentoring
  • Background of preventative mentoring
  • Effective mentoring models
  • Culturally sensitive approaches
  • Impact biases have on our decision-making
  • Systemic barriers to Black and Brown youths’ progression.


Our trainers will provide you with space to reflect, explore, and enhance your mentoring practice.



Trainees will increase their awareness of;

  • Identify stages of cultural competence
  • Describe how biases can operate outside of your conscious awareness.
  • Identify possible biases in yourself and others.
  • Implement practical strategies to navigate structural barriers
  • Create an action plan to develop culturally sensitive youth mentoring practices.
  • How to use Language That Cares



Discounts are available for groups of 3 or more people. Click here for the training brochure and group prices.


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