Setting up a personal Local Giving fundraising page with The Mentoring Lab

Hi, please complete the below steps to set up a personal Snowdon fundraising page with The Mentoring Lab

1) Go to and register 
2) Select the charity you wish to fundraise for, The Mentoring Lab Community CIC
3) Select an appeal, The London Marathon, Hackney Half or Mount Snowdon Youth Fundraising Challenge
 Fundraising category, Walking/trekking
 Choose a title for your new fundraising page. For example, I'm hiking Mount Snowdon for The Mentoring Lab
6) Select
           - I am fundraising as part of a team
           - Share my details with the charity I am fundraising for
7) Click continue
8)  DO NOT Choose an event
9) Click Create Fundraising Page
10) Add the photo attached,
 Add a link address to complete your unique URL code
12) How much are you hoping to raise: £750 - £2000 (Suggested - £750 if you are a young person, £2000 if you are an adult)
13) How much have you raised offline? complete at a later date
14) Describe your fundraising event, we have provided an example for you, but you can write something else that is similar to the below:

We would like our youth members to experience the benefits that mentoring can have on their lives. Simply put, mentoring does transform lives. 

This October, over 10 young people, supporting staff and volunteers will take part in this fundraiser; conquering fears, challenging fixed mindsets and unbeneficial beliefs.

At The Mentoring Lab, we know that hiking can improve lives for the better, allowing hikers to develop perseverance, resilience and confidence.

By taking part in this fundraiser, you will be supporting young people will develop a range of qualities such as resilience, confidence, self-awareness and a sense of achievement that sharpen their character and attitude towards life.

As you already know, mentoring empowers young people and creates opportunities to lift themselves out of difficulties.

As such we are doing this fundraising to;

A) give young people the opportunity of a lifetime
B) give young people space to practice using patience, teamwork, positive thinking and resilience
C) help The Mentoring Lab continue doing great work. We often provide mentoring even when we do not have funding to cover our costs.

Why is this? It's because every week we are approached by parents and guardians anxious to use mentoring and advocacy to empower their children. However many are from low-income families and can not afford our services.

Our mentoring offers parents/ guardians a chance to invest in their children, giving young people the tools to improve the quality of their life as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. Due to the work we do, throughout the year we also advocate and mentor our youth members struggling with educational injustices.

With your help, The Mentoring Lab will be able to continue to provide young people, with culturally sensitive mentoring and advocacy support, resources and the opportunities essential to reflect, explore, reframe and develop the qualities and characteristics to thrive.

We need you more than ever. Please donate and share this information with your networks.

How your donation helps

£10 - covers the cost of 1 volunteer youth leaders daily expenses, allowing them to support the work we do and gain key employability skills

£25 - cover the cost of 30 minute group mentoring session with 30 youth

£100 - covers the cost of 2 staff delivering one day of our Saturday Mentoring Club

15) Finish
16) Share with your family, friends and networks.