​We provide youth mentoring training and development consultancy to statutory services, voluntary and community organisations, parents and independent youth practitioners, upskilling those working with young people to use Youth Mentoring as a Practice.

Mentoring fantabulous 'Diamonds' in the rough 

We believe that the young people we serve are 'diamonds in the rough', with draw-dropping creative thinking, inspiring values and unsurpassable grit that is desperately needed in the British workforce. Yet young people from black and marginalised communities do not have access to solid, reliable guidance in how to focus their skills and talents, to help improve British industries most pressing issues, and improve all of our futures.

Often living in cramped social housing, with a lack of access to green spaces, parents are trying their hardest to raise their children, whilst living with declining physical health, mental health conditions, domestic violence and or long term unemployment.

Where parents are employed, they tend to work long hours to make ends meet, in low paid roles within the City of London as a cleaner, security guard, kitchen staff or for the Public Sector as frontline workers. For both unemployed, overworked and unpaid parents, they unfortunately do not have the capacity to provide the structure or gateways for young people to access quality industry related support networks, learning to achieve opportunities or solid career guidance to safeguard their future.

How mentoring improves young people's lives

Youth Mentoring enhances the below protective factors;

Positive social networks of support
Positive adult role models
Access to services and opportunities
Social and emotional skills
Supportive relationships
Healthy peer relationships
Opportunities to improve self-esteem
As a result, improving young people's

Soft skills 
Well being
Support network
Attitudes toward learning
Conflict-management skills
Interpersonal and communication skills
Mindset and thought patterns

Not just a conversation or intervention

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