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Mentoring Workshops Overview 

Career Mentoring

Focus: Career Exploration activity

Tool: Career mapping exercise

Format: Group career mentoring with student presentations

Intent: Young people's experiences of the adult world sometimes lower confidence, create doubt, fear or unorthodox ideas about their next steps. 

Outcome: Young people feel heard, understood and provided with tools to reframe unbeneficial beliefs.

Duration: Up to 2 hours

Location: All London Boroughs

Action Planning

Focus: Career action planning activity

Tool: Action planning

Format: Facilitator presentation, peer to peer action planning

Intent: Anxiety surrounding life after school can be terrifying for some. We demonstrate the difference between an ambition and SMART action career planning.

Outcome: Young people are equipped with career planning tools and techniques. 

Duration: Up to 2 hours

Location: All London Boroughs

Reframing + Resilience

Focus: The Power of Youth Mentoring

Tool: Understanding Values 

Format: Facilitator presentation

Intent: Black boys and girls are given a safe space to develop their resilience tool kit to better navigate the way around harsh environments now and in the future.  

Outcome: Young people  understand youth mentoring as a tool for progression, not a means to discipline. 

Duration: 15-30 minutes 

Location: All London Boroughs
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