Youth Mentoring Training

Sharing high standard youth mentoring practices with
practicitioners committed to transforming young people's lives through mentoring

Our mentoring training shares strategic, evidenced-based, and trauma-informed youth mentoring methodologies, that give mentors the much needed time to reflect, explore and develop their youth work and mentoring practice.


Become a reflective practitioner

All reflective youth mentors are practitioners, and they understand that being a mentor takes more than having cool conversations.

With all the complexities and barriers that today's young people are facing, upskill yourself to develop the skill, knowledge and qualities of a youth mentor practitioner. 

Become a professional, equipped to mentor young people as they transition safely into adulthood and careers. 

                     Levels of Mentoring Training

Beginner - Provides basic knowledge and awareness
This is a short awareness course, that provides basic awareness of what mentoring is, without developing your own people skills to deliver mentoring. 

Intermediate - Provides in depth focused knowledge
This is a one day CPD course for those already using their experience and people to skills to mentor someone.

Level 3 Qualification - Practitioner 
This is a Ofqual Regulated Qualification that enables you to demonstrate that you have met the level of knowledge and reflection required to deliver high-quality mentoring.

Level 4 Qualification - Advanced Practitioner
This is a Ofqual Regulated Qualification that enhances a Practitioner's knowledge with further modules. You may train lower-level mentors with this qualification.

Get into Youth Mentoring Programme
Click here to train, gain qualifications, experience and employment as a youth mentor within 6 months. 

Youth Mentoring Qualifications

Level 3 
Mentoring young people 
in the community

The home of professional youth mentoring
Gain the knowledge and reflection required to deliver high quality mentoring to young people within community settings, as  part of a CSR project or in the community.
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Level 4 
Mentoring young people
in the community

Enhance and deepen your community practitioner's knowledge to deliver high quality youth mentoring. You may train lower level mentors with this qualification.
Available on completion of Level 3

Level 3
School-Based Youth Mentoring

Gain the knowledge and understanding of the purpose of school based youth mentoring. Designed for youth practitioners working in primary and secondary schools that deliver individual or group interventions.
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Level 4 
School-Based Youth Mentoring

Enhance and deepen your practitioner's knowledge with further modules to become a highly competent pastoral youth mentor. You may train those new to mentoring with this qualification.
Available on completion of Level 3

Continued Professional Development

Introduction to Mentoring

An introduction to what youth mentoring is, and the styles of 
youth mentoring used today.
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Youth Mentoring Tool Kit

An evidenced-based youth mentoring framework and mentoring model for professionals and mentoring teams.
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Peer Mentoring

Empower your youth leaders with the confidence, knowledge and skills to deliver sound peer mentoring, that safeguards all stakeholders.
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Enhanced Youth Mentoring

Enhanced training for youth practitioners wanting to take their mentoring practice to the next level. Resources included. 
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Attendance Mentoring

An in-depth one-day training is developing confidence in how to mentor pupils with school attendance issues. Resources included.
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Coordinating Projects

Gain essential knowledge and resources  to coordinate, plan, deliver and monitor high quality youth mentoring projects.
Resources included.
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Get into Youth Mentoring Training Programme

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This 3-6 month training programme offers those entering the youth mentoring sector the chance to gain qualifications, essential skills and the experience required to mentor young people in schools and in the community. 

Combined with on the job training, through our projects and programmes and qualifications.




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