About Us

We are an inclusive black-led youth organisation, that through the use of mentoring tools and techniques, enables and equips young people from black and marginalised communities, in overcoming barriers to their progression and widening their access to opportunities.
Our main aim is to improve equity, social capital, and the social mobility of the young people we serve, with the ultimate mission to end the circle of poverty.

What We Offer

Mentoring and Coaching

Guided by our Mentoring Tool Kit, we improve confidence, soft skills, and wellbeing. Best of all our mentoring and coaching enhances the protective factors in young people's lives.

Online After School Club

Offering career related project-based learning clubs. We stimulate minds, develop industry knowledge, and provide a safe online space where young people can make new friends.

Preventative Tuition

Supporting young people at risk of school exclusion with a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning need. We improve confidence, independent learning skills, and attitudes towards learning.

Game Time Holiday Club

We deliver fun sporting games, team challenges, and creative workshops directly to Local Authority and Housing Association housing estates to improve health and well-being. 

Youth Mentoring Training

Offering CPD to Level 4 accredited youth mentoring training, we provide a safe space for youth practitioners to reflect, explore and develop their mentoring technique to improve their youth work practice. 

Online Activities

Our Expert Youth Mentors

Our expert youth mentors are specialists within their field, having solid experience working in schools, the youth and social care sectors, creative industries, and the world of business.
Each mentor has been fully vetted following our Safer Recruitment Policy and is trained in safeguarding, mental health awareness, the implications of school exclusions, how to offer quality career guidance, and how to support young people with special educational needs.
By following our amazing Mentoring Tool Kit, our mentors are the best in the industry, committed to delivering high-quality mentoring to both all young people and the organisations we serve.

Is education fit for today’s urban youth culture?

Over the last 3 decades, teachers across the UK have seen the rise of a unique urban youth culture, that has changed the landscape of the ‘school experience’. As such, schools are doing their best to adapt; ensuring their service is fit for purpose.    With schools and youth services creating fantastic opportunities for young […]

3 ways to earn the trust of disruptive students

With the values and opinions of students changing, tackling disruptive behaviour in class, would benefit from going back to basics. Building relationships first. Here are some tips from a mentor. 
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    This summer term, our Online After School Club is packed full of academic and creative project based learning clubs developed to support young people who want to have fun learning and achieving outside of school.

    Online After School Club

    Game Time

    Career Speed Mentoring

    Radio Drama Online Club

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