Business Bootcamp's Millionaire Mentor

Watch Alex's first Business Bootcamp session, where he introduces himself, his business experience, and how humble beginnings can motivate you to succeed.

Chiemeka, aged 16 is a peer youth mentor at The Mentoring Lab is the club's lead coordinator, planning and running the sessions alongside Alexander Amosu and our trainee youth mentors.

Chiemeka is excited about leading this club and says ' learning business at school or college is good, but you don't really learn 'how' to do business like we are in this club. It's not as easy and glamorous as YouTube and TikTok say it is, but I feel more mature and responsible for taking part. Alex is so inspiring and to have him in my network, as a really really positive role model means a lot.

A mentoring club run by young people for young people, Alex hopes that young people will learn more about business; by doing business. Participants will also gain an AQA Unit Award in Project Management Skills.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our members and we thank Alexander and our funders The National Lottery for supporting the development of young people's skills, qualities, and knowledge.

We hope that participants will be inspired to learn more about the business world and enjoy the sense of accomplishment they will feel on meeting targets and networking with new people.


If you would like to take part, please register here


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