Changing Lives with Youth Mentoring

'You have been a great listener and advocate and one thing I love about you and your team is……you don’t judge'. Parent Ms S Francis

At The Mentoring Lab, we have witnessed firsthand the incredible power that quality mentorship has to positively shape a young person’s life. For over 20 years, our Founder Ceo has guided youth in schools and communities, transforming futures for the better. The results speak for themselves – we have a solid mentoring program that boasts remarkable improvements in education, employment, self-confidence and life purpose amongst mentored teens and young adults.

'The mentoring lab has made our youth offering a complete success dedicated one 2 one's that allowed us to find new ways to help and support our members into great career paths yes but even more so confidence and comfortably being themselves so glad we didn't go it alone.' Parent Kareem Muhammed 



Research confirms the benefits of Mentoring. Studies show mentored youth have better school punctuality, attendance, further and higher education enrollment rates and greater odds of landing well-paying careers compared to their peers. At The Mentoring Lab, we feel privileged to steer our youth toward bright, purposeful futures.

'Fantastic Team ,the Mentoring Lab has lot’s of thing’s to do and they provide support and daily and weekly activities for the children Thank you for your support'. Young Person MP


Through weekly mentoring sessions, mentees gain consistent support to set goals, cultivate their interests, and overcome obstacles holding them back. Supporting young people who struggle in different areas of life gives every mentee the opportunity to reflect on their current situation, explore their strengths, reframe experiences and develop the qualities and skills to thrive. Gently taking young people out of their comfort zone and exposing them to a 'Growth Mindset', confidence soars, as with academic attainment, relationships and social skills.


Explore the below list of the benefits of mentoring on young people's life trajectories, along with sources:

  • Improved academic performance - Mentored youth tend to have better school attendance, higher grades, and higher rates of going on to higher education (DuBois et al., 2011 - meta-analysis of youth mentoring programs)
  • Reduced risky behaviours - Mentoring is associated with reduced drug and alcohol use, violence, and risky sexual behaviours in youth (Eby et al., 2008 - meta-analysis of youth mentoring programs)
  • Increased self-esteem and life satisfaction - Young people paired with mentors tend to have improvements in self-esteem, life satisfaction, and emotional well-being (De Wit et al., 2007 - review of international youth mentoring programs)
  • Career benefits - Mentoring provides career guidance, networking opportunities, sponsorships, and other benefits that can improve employment prospects and career success (Eby et al., 2013 - review of mentoring literature)
  • Healthier relationships - Mentored youth report having better relationships with parents, teachers, and peers (DuBois et al., 2002 - evaluation of Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring program)
  • Access to networks and opportunities - Mentors can connect young people to internships, jobs, and other opportunities that otherwise may not have been available to them. (Source: Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 2006)
  • Development of skills and interests - Through modelling, teaching, and guiding, mentors can help mentees explore interests and develop skills critical for careers and life success. (Source: Benefits of Mentoring for Youth, 2018)






The mentoring toolkit is the usp of TML. It is a great resource for me and my son. It is a 24hour resource that we can access to help us manage challenging situations. The Mentoring process is detailed from the initial enquiry to the face to face meetings.
I highly recommend TML. Parent Ms Saunders

We have countless stories and positive reviews. Our mentors are trusted adults in youths’ corners, advocating for mentees’ advancement in careers and communities. It’s incredibly fulfilling to receive regular updates from past mentees excelling in engineering programs, business internships and youth programs – reaching heights they never thought possible thanks to guidance from their mentor.


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