Attendance Mentoring



This in-depth one-day training delves into how to mentor pupils with school attendance issues, enabling new and experienced mentors to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to effectively address underlying issues and support students struggling with chronic absenteeism.

Exploring styles of school-based youth mentoring used to support students and engage caregivers. Trainees will reflect on why and how youth mentoring can successfully support and help to remove barriers to improving attendance at school.

Trainees will gain deeper understanding of the causes of absenteeism, best practices in mentoring disengaged students, and developing encouraging relationships that motivate improved attendance.


Very informative and intense training. I’ve learned so much and was able to put knowledge into practice during the course. Elaine Thomas is super professional, positive and inspiring. I recommend this training to anyone who works with young people.
Aleksandra Kabat (Learning Mentor)



This training will explore;

  • Absenteeism and Impact
  • School-Based Mentoring Models
  • Mentoring Resources and Goal Setting
  • Identifying Root Causes
  • Families as Partners
  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration
  • Referrals and Resource Connections
  • Monitoring, Adapting and Sustainability
  • Data Collection and Documentation
  • Self-Care and Support

Our trainers will provide you with the space to reflect, to enhance your mentoring identity.



Trainees will increase their awareness of;


  • Articulate the scope, impact, and key causes of chronic absenteeism
  • The use of trauma-informed communication techniques
  • Strategies for building trust and establishing rapport
  • Mentoring tools and resources
  • Confidentiality and Safeguarding
  • The importance of self-care and boundary-setting for mentors
  • Local resources and supports
  • Goal Setting techniques
  • Monitoring progress and adapt strategies as needed
  • Strategies to engage and educate families about the importance of attendance
  • Sharing knowledge and coordinating interventions with a multidisciplinary team



You will receive 1 year license to use The Youth Mentoring Tool Kit



Discounts are available for groups of 3 or more people.


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