Culturally Competent Youth Mentoring for Trustees

£309.00 + VAT


This is an introduction and two-day course for trustees who are responsible for organisations supporting BAME groups..

Introduction: This two-day online course allows trustees to understand and develop an understanding of what Youth Mentoring is while also exploring styles of youth mentoring for people of colour. Training will be delivered in 2 parts. Part one will run on the 31st of May with part 2 running on the 30th of August.

Full two-day Course: Continuing from the introduction, exploring styles of youth mentoring used to navigate systemic biases.

Attendees will explore styles of youth mentoring used to navigate systemic biases. By reflecting on why and how youth mentoring can be successful when supporting BAME youth in navigating structural barriers, you will be equipped to guide your organisation to help young people develop confidence in their position and purpose in the UK.


'A comprehensive and thoroughly inspiring day of training that is uniquely geared at meeting the needs of young people in the UK'.

Kelley Fields (Psychotherapist student)



This training will;

  • Cultural competence
  • Mentoring perspectives
  • Creating fit for purpose interventions
  • Mentoring Young People
  • Cross-Cultural barriers
  • Engaging with support networks

Our trainers will provide you with the space to reflect, to enhance your mentoring identity.



Trainees will increase their awareness of;

  • Concepts of mentoring
  • Obligations within mentoring
  • Mentoring tools and resources
  • Mentoring relationship structures
  • How to protect the mentoring relationship
  • Exploring racially equitable practices






Discounts are available for groups of 3 or more people.


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