The Mentoring Tool Kit


The Youth Mentoring Tool Kit aims to encourage youth practitioners, parents and guardians to support young people in their progression. In going through the tool kit, you'll understand the meaning of mentoring and demonstrate the power that lies within 'mentoring'.

With this useful resource, done properly, youth practitioners, parents, and guardians can support young people in significantly improving the quality and value of the mentoring and guidance you offer to young people from all backgrounds. Each tool will encourage structured conversations and allow your mentee to;


- REFLECT on who you are and your current situation

- EXPLORE your assets and opportunities

- DEVELOP the qualities and skills to succeed.


The tool kit should also develop your confidence, an important quality needed to ensure you feel comfortable 'presenting your authentic self' during your mentoring sessions, and informal learning workshops children and young people participate in.

The tool kit will develop trust in the mentoring process and create safer spaces to deliver mentoring sessions and workshops. A safe space, that will ultimately enable young people to; reflect, fail safely, develop the qualities to succeed, and the tools to sustain the progression.


'Rarely have I seen an organisation with this quality of mentoring model. I think The Mentoring Lab’s model has a lot to offer the sector'. Vicky Torrance
(JNC qualified youth worker with over 23 years post qualification experience within the sector)



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Have a quick look through the tool kit, with the Founder of The Mentoring Lab, Elaine Thomas.




The 48 page Mentoring Tool Kit aims to enable youth practitioners, parents and guardians to offer high-quality mentoring conversations to support young people in their progression.

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