Youth Mentoring Tool Kit Training



During this Intermediate level training, new and experienced mentors will learn how to use the Youth Mentoring Tool Kit Framework and Youth Mentoring Model to allow their mentees to reflect, explore, and develop themselves to succeed, whilst monitoring and evaluating progression and impact.


This Mentoring Tool Kit encourages mentors to think creatively about the tools they use to support a young person’s progression. Doing so will significantly improve the quality and value the young person and their family hold towards the mentoring and guidance mentors offer.

Offering a range of mentoring activities and resources, we call tools to make all the difference in the one-on-one mentoring relationships and group mentoring workshops.

Each tool will encourage structured conversations and allow your mentee to;

  • Reflect on their current situation
  • Explore their assets and opportunities
  • Reframe their experiences
  • Develop the mentee's qualities and skills to succeed.


-Free The Mentoring Tool Kit (Edition 3 PDF Version)
-Free Template Action Plan
-Free Mentor Reflection Resource
-Access to Youth Mentors Network and Events

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'A comprehensive and thoroughly inspiring day of training that is uniquely geared at meeting the needs of young people in the UK'.

Kelley Fields (Psychotherapist student)



This training will provide trainees with a clear understanding of;

  • How to use a range of mentoring resources
  • Exploring a range of mentoring models
  • Trauma-informed and culturally aware practices
  • Action planning in mentoring
  • Monitoring and evaluating progression and impact


Our trainers will allow you to practice tools and techniques and develop a fit-for-purpose youth mentoring tool kit.



Trainees will increase their awareness of the following;

  • Contemporary mentoring tools
  • Supporting research and practices
  • Mentoring intervention resources
  • Mentoring programme structures




-Free The Mentoring Tool Kit (Edition 3 PDF Version)
-Free Template Action Plan
-Free Mentor Reflection Resource
-Access to Youth Mentors Network and Events



A one-year license to use The Mentoring Tool Kit Workbook. Watch Inside The Mentoring Tool Kit here.



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