Giving young people a safe space to reflect, explore and develop independent study skills
We Promise the Best

Our tutors have at least 4 years tutoring experience and are extremely good at supporting young people in improving their subject knowledge in maths and English.

Our tutors are patient, excellent listeners and non judgemental. They support each child at their pace, whilst breaking topics and information down into bite size pieces to ensure each child gets the most out our learning experience.
Tutoring for All
We know how important it is for children with special educational needs and or disabilities to have easy access to quality private tutoring. 

We want all young people to progress and have equal access to opportunities once they leave education. That's why we have cherry picked the best SEN Tutors to provide your child with 1:1 or group tuition.

What we teach
Tutors will work with your child to strengthen maths and/or English topic areas that your children may be finding difficult or challenging.

Following the national curriculum your child will also:

• Develop their maths and / or English study skills
• Learn techniques to help them remember the information
• Develop their communication skills and level of resilience
• Become inspired to continue with their studies independently
• Learn to develop their confidence in class, at school.
Embedded Mentoring
When you book with us your child will also have the opportunity to enhance their study skills and make progression at school or in their personal life.

How? Each tutor is also trained in mentoring techniques, which means not only are they excellent subject teachers, but can also ensure that your child's sense of self, level of confidence and attitude towards their life and future.

From only £30 an hour*, your child can be tutored at home, school, at a local library or online; in a one to one setting or together with siblings or friends.

​For parents on a budget, try out our group tutoring sessions at just £10 an hour*. 

Studies have already proven the benefits children get from working in small groups that include; enhancing the children's ability to process and solidify knowledge, improving articulation skills and confidence working in groups.

Prefer Online tutoring?

Our online one to one tutoring starts at £30 per hour* and £10 per session* for group tutoring.

*Terms and Conditions apply

At Home

At the local library


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