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We are a youth mentoring training and development company, focused on enhancing youth mentoring practice, to better improve the quality and outcome of life for young people from Global Majority backgrounds and marginalised communities. We are expert youth mentors, led by Elaine Isadora Thomas who has over 20 years experience in youth mentoring.
Our social aims are to improve the equity, social capital, and social mobility of the young people to end the circle of poverty.
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Youth mentoring is the practice of being safely guided by a trusted person with a set of qualities and more experience in a particular area, via the use of mentoring tools and techniques, to support another with less experience in the progression and achievement of chosen goals and targets.
Definition by Elaine Thomas, The Mentoring Lab Founder Ceo


A youth mentor is a trusted person with a set of qualities and experience in a particular area. Able to use mentoring tools and techniques to safely guide another with less experience in that area, to support their progression in achieving chosen goals and targets.
Definition by Elaine Thomas, The Mentoring Lab Founder Ceo

What We Offer

1:1 Youth Mentoring

The home of professional youth mentoring
Guided by our Mentoring Tool Kit, our outreach mentoring improves student's and young people's focus, attitude towards learning and confidence, whilst enhancing their protective factors.


Corporate Mentoring
We handle the sourcing, recruitment, screening and training so your young people benefit from consistent, high-quality mentoring. Partner with us for a hassle-free youth mentor recruitment service.


With extensive experience of planning, designing and delivering mentoring projects, we design agile, fit for purpose mentoring programmes that are culturally safe and proficient.


Youth Mentoring Training

Offering CDP and Accredited Youth Mentoring Training, we offer reflective youth mentoring training for new and experienced youth practitioners working with marginalised youth.
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Youth Mentoring Training

CPD to Level 4 accredited youth mentoring training

Deepen's practitioner knowledge and improves skill set
Gives practitioners much time to reflect on their practice
Shayanna Dyer-HarrisShayanna Dyer-Harris
16:49 10 Feb 23
I have just finished a great Mentoring session with The Mentoring Lab. It was incredibly informative. I've left with a wealth oof information that I feel I can apply to what about to do. I feel confident that I understand the role of a mentor and that I can help that I will mentor work towards achieving their goals. A great course I'd recommend to anyone that is interested in taking mentoring seriously.
Judith MedioniJudith Medioni
16:03 03 Feb 23
It was a fantastic training! We learnt many techniques and approaches.I was impressed by the level of knowledge and experience of the trainer.
Micaela BasilicoMicaela Basilico
16:01 03 Feb 23
I highly recommend Elaine's mentoring training, it has been very useful and I am sure it will reflect on my practice in a positive way.
Rachael BunduRachael Bundu
15:36 29 Nov 22
Best Mentoring Programme I have been on to date. Great practical resources and trainer Elaine was brilliant. Very clear, informative with tonnes of experience. Really enjoyed and would 100% recommend.
jessica morenojessica moreno
13:45 28 Sep 22
Thank you Elaine, your knowledge and passion was felt during the training session. I highly appreciate the information and tools shared and feel more confident in my current role in a youth mentoring charity.

Our Youth Mentors

Solid experience working in the education and youth sector
Fully vetted and trained in alignment with our Safer Recruitment Policy
Equipped with our Mentoring Tool Kit and range of resources

Unleashing the Power of In-House Mentoring

Mentoring programs have been around for centuries, but today’s workplace is more diverse than ever before. To ensure that your in-house mentoring program is successful, you need to use the right tools and strategies. Here are eight tips that will help you launch your own in-house mentoring project.   1. Set Clear Goals – The […]

Coping with the Loss of a Mentee to Street Violence

Losing a mentee to street violence is an incredibly difficult experience, and I wouldn't wish the loss on anybody. I have lost two mentees, 2 family friends and 2 neighbours to street violence. All were under the age of 19. As mentors, we are responsible for helping young people stay safe and make good choices, […]
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